Finding your purpose, I am ordinary but can do extraordinary things

I have been thinking about what my purpose is as an educator, reading a few posts and articles lately. My thinking and reading started with the following tweet by Sean Gardner @2morrowknight. Your #purpose doesn’t have to be something that makes you famous. It’s something that makes your life meaningful.

I also read the article Finding Your Purpose As A Teacher by Terry Heick as a challenge to ‘focus on your focus’ if you like. How do I define what I am and what I want to be as an educator. He walks through a few steps to be able to clearly and concisely define what your purpose is.

How do you define purpose as as a relief teacher. You know what you want to teach and what you enjoy doing the.most, yet if you only apply for jobs that fit your focus then you miss out on other possibilities. As a classroom primary teacher there are more job opportunities than as as a physical education specialist.

I enjoy the challenge.and opportunities as a primary school classroom teacher, having worked part of 2014 one day a week teaching a grade 5/6 class. High school subjects and teaching have often become isolated silos with little freedom to have work,projects, or learning truly cross curricular. Primary classrooms are, at least in my humble opinion, much easier places to design learning opportunities that cross multiple areas of the curriculum.

I was out walking and listening to an Every Classroom Matters podcast, the episode with David Menashe the priority list   by Vicki Davis the @coolcatteacher . Her podcasts are great at only 10 minutes in length. This was interesting timing as I was thinking about and starting to write this post. He talks about leaving a legacy in the students that you have the privilege of working with. Make an impact in their lives, do your utmost to make learning personal and engaging to every student.

What is my purpose, to foster a love of learning through the use of technology. That is where I feel my calling and impact will be. My ultimate career path would to be a technology integrator in a school whilst also teaching physical education or  computing. I believe engagement through technology offers so many possibilities for authentic, engaging education. This makes my life meaningful, I left retail after 13 years as this added no meaning to my life, education fulfills my desire to improve the lives of others.

I read the following by Dr John C Maxwell two years ago titled Ordinary to extraordinary:

If Ordinary People …

Gave a Little Extra Effort,
Spent a Little Extra Time,
Sought a Little Extra Help …
They Would Become Extraordinary!

I am ordinary, but that is okay, because I can do extraordinary things. Why do we hold ourselves back? If we just let go and committed to the change we could do so much. This is my purpose to be better and do better. What is yours? Please feel free to share or comment.


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