Learner to sharer, harnessing the power of Twitter

Twitter was a place that I originally struggled to come to grips with, what purpose would it serve in my professional learning journey? I occasionally hopped on twitter and viewed a few tweets and explored some links. This happened sporadically and with no real purpose. Twitter was something that I had read others saying it was good to use, but I didn’t have a place for it yet in my personal use and learning.

Now I use twitter almost daily, reading through the feed from those I follow. I favourite interesting ideas and retweet. I need to find a better way to handle the ideas and information that I find online. Often I will open in a browser tab and add to my favourites in there, But not for everything that I find. There are so many good ideas in there, but if you don’t do anything with them then they are as useless, or possibly even less than useless, as the ones that you don’t find. It is neer about what you fond, but what you do with it.

For awhile my focus was on reading every tweet that those I followed published, not a great idea. The catch up as you increase those you follow can become debilitating. Leo Laporte mentioned this in one of his podcasts, which made me try to focus more on content  that was in a shorter time span, or more topic related rather than just everything. I once tweeted that reading Twitter felt like trying to drink from a fire hose, when done the wrong way it certainly is. Now I read a few tweets from my timeline feed, this allows me to come across ideas and topics that interest me, yet may not otherwise see if I was only view particular chats, hash tags or topics.

I even manage to find some original content that I share. I personally use Android devices and look at tools that are platform or device agnostic. Google docs for instance I can use on any device at home, or at work, without having to have or carry anything in particular. Chrome is now my browser of choice to facilitate this ease of use anywhere.

Future focus, sharer to collaborator


What I need to become better at is following hash tags, delving deeper into topic areas that interest me or will benefit my professional learning journey. I have started to make better use of hootsuite to follow hash tags in columns, although still get overwhelmed at times in some chats.

Chats are another area I need to focus more on, participating in a few ones regularly and using them to connect with ideas and people better. I have enjoyed the ones that I have been in and learned from. There  are so many relevant ideas and links to help learning and develop connections through to other people and ideas.

Twitter needs to be used better in balance with everything else that I do, not as a sole focus. My learning needs to include other avenues and sources. I am trying to follow A.J. Juliani’s advice to write everyday, nowhere near his personal goal of 1000 words a day but to write something, creation, not just consumption. Work some more on reflective posts, develop lesson plans and future curriculum resources to access, currently a relief teaching lesson plan website that has all my resources I use and plan to use in one cohesive place to access and share.

Simon Youd

The #reliefteacher


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