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Do something with it! (Reflect, Share, Create)


(Where I have finished writing this post from, truly personalised)

   That is my challenge. I have no problem consuming material, I read blogs, listen to multiple podcasts, watch YouTube videos, am becoming more active on Twitter and participate in Twitter chats. Yet just consuming through hearing, reading and watching does not necessarily make you better at what you do, or make what you have taken in something of value to what you do. Listening to the two guys podcast they were talking to Vicki Davis the cool cat teacher, and their challenge was to do something with what you hear or take in.

Personalising your PD

   The week starting December 7th I was given the privilege of moderating the #asiaED twitter chat by Kieron Eaglestone, this is a slow chat of one question per day. The focus I chose was on personalising your professional learning journey. The week after the chat there was no host for the chat so I came up with the challenge of reflecting on the chat and your learning journey. This challenge was as much, if not more, for me than for everyone else.

My Learning Journey

   Having no school as a relief teacher means that I need to be responsible for all of my professional development. Everything that I do is guided by my choices not anyone else’s.  Which can also be my downfall as I am often all over the place, not enough focus on any certain path or direction. Personalising my professional learning leaves it all up to me, choices, follow through, medium, topic.

   I teach multiple subjects and areas.  I am a qualified health and physical education teacher, I have taught math and science also. I also have capabilities in or have taught on a regular basis at some stage music, material design technology (wood or metal work) primary classroom generalist and also enjoy technology.

   Having spent some time thinking on this over Christmas and the New Year maybe this randomness needs to become my focus and made into a strength for me to use to my advantage, not a weakness depriving me of growth. I can read, share, consume and create material that is somewhat random in nature, but it feeds into my strengths. It also acts as my learning and growth, not as a distraction.


   Podcasting is something that just doesn’t leave me alone. I am a frequent consumer of podcasts currently having 60 in Pocket Casts that I listen to as I can. I would like to use podcasting in the classroom as a learning tool with students. Yet this still bugs me that I should use podcasting as a personal tool to reflect and share my learning. This is likely to be my challenge for the new year. I would call my show #EdTechWannabe. I believe this sums up where I am know, and then as my personalised learning path moves forward. Although the title of #WhataRelief borrows from my current role as a relief teacher.

   Will I find an audience for this podcast? The more I think about it the less it matters, I would be doing for my professional development and again as a reflective tool to critically think about my learning journey. I hope to find people to connect with through this podcasting but do it more for me to start with and to share my learning and learning journey with others. I have enjoyed the support and encouragement offered by podcasters in Jeff Bradbury, Chris Nesi and Stacey Lindes.


   Twitter chats are a great way to share ideas and challenge your thinking. Other ideas and people’s points of view can make you think deeper about what you hold in your belief structure. Care needs to be taken in curating and following ideas and people that can challenge your way of thinking, not use it as an echo chamber just to reinforce your point of view. This has been a problem many have identified as a downside to using Twitter. I am trying to use Twitter not just for curating content, but connecting and creating.


   I have made many connections with educators all over the world. Through twitter I have followed many leaders and been followed by some people also. I have made some connections with the creators of podcasts that I listen to. Twitter is my preferred method to connect with other educators, I can follow anyone I like and have made connections with people who have encouraged and supported me in growing and learning.

My Weakness

   That sums up my weakness, to do something with it. I often fail to finish a free course that I start. I got right out of the habit of writing frequently, this I need to do on at least a monthly basis although would like to do so much more regularly.


   Podcasting definitely interest me, but there is also voxer. I have set up a voxer account and would like to use this with purpose moving forward, engage in discussions and learning opportunities through this medium. I must blog more, why, because this writing is a result of engaging with critical thinking about a topic and your personal learning. This thinking then expressing through writing or any other way of creating content is what deepens and entrenches learning.

   Please join me on and through this journey, any comments thoughts and connections are welcome. Let’s learn together.